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Investment Advisory Services

With Finnovest, advisors can generate and disseminate numerous personalized investment advice via mobile devices. 

All that is left for clients to do is press the “Execute” button.

Investment Advisors

Advise All Clients

in Real-Time

Banks & Brokerages

Significantly Increase Transactions

Advisors Increase Clients' Engagement.
Clients Enjoy Better Service.
Brokerages & Banks Boost Revenue.

Finnovest is using mobile devices to fundamentally change

the way investment advisors interact with clients.
By enabling tailored advice and automatic execution ability

to numerous clients simultaneously, advisors increase clients' engagement,

clients receive better service, and brokerages & banks boost transactions

Advisors’ Benefits

Brokerages' & Banks' Benefits

Clients’ Benefits

While advisors improve their service by advising numerous clients simultaneously and clients enjoy a one-button easy auto-execution, brokerage firms significantly increase transaction and revenue.

It is the definition of a Win-win solution.


From now on clients receive  real-time investment advice tailored to their unique portfolio and needs directly to their mobile device. More over, execution of the multiple orders advised couldn’t be easier - simply pressing a button.

Market conditions change rapidly.

With Finnovest, advisors handling

non-discretionary accounts,  can be

pro-active and transfer their professional knowledge into personalized recommendations and disseminate  it via mobile devices on an ongoing basis. They can advise all their clients when they need them most-

In real time.

Advise all Clients

in Real-Time

Receive & Execute Tailored Advice via Mobile Device





We Empower

Investment Advisors

Finnovest enables advisors to overcome their biggest problem when working with 

non-discretionary accounts: They can only advise and execute trading orders for one client at a time. 

With Finnovest, advisors generate and disseminate personalized investment advice to numerous clients simultaneously. All that is left for clients to do is to execute the tailored orders advised, by simply pressing a button on their mobile device.


How it works

In 5 easy steps advisors can create

endless personalized recommendations

Create Groups






Choose Securities

Investment Rationale







Clients receive tailored investment advice through a mobile app. They can execute the multiple “Buy” & “sell” orders advised automatically by simply pressing the "execute" button.

When working with non-discretionary accounts, clients' portfolios are always different. With Finnovest's personalization algorithm there is no need to see each account. No need to check suitability or criteria. No need to worry how to fund a "Buy" recommendation.
Advisors only give their professional input, we do the math.

How it works

Increase transactions.

Boost your revenue.

Our proprietary automatic trading machine enables the “execute” button on clients’ mobile app that makes the difference.

We enable clients to seamlessly transfer a recommendaiton into transaction orders. The friendly interface boosts conversion
and increases revenue.


Finnovest Financial Technologies


Banks / Brokerages:

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