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Finnovest was chosen out of 384 startups in 38 countries to participate in the "Fin-tech Lounge Even

Finnovest was chosen by Startupbootcamp, Europe's leading accelerator program for startups, to participate in the "Fintech loung event" in London at the end of the month.

Prior to launching their first wave of an accelerator dedicated to Fin-tech (financial technologies) the organizers of Startup Bootcamp -Fintech, were asked by their sponsers, 3 major global financial institions, to find them the 5 hottest startups in the field and to invite them to London to partcipate in the "Fn-tech lounge event" where they will have long sessions with the innovation teams of the financial institutions, looking for innovative startups to introduce within their organizations.

They have looked in 38 countries, and selected out of 384 startups only 5. We are in ! We are excited and proud to be on that list !

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