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Finnovest has won UK's "Texchange Fintech 2015"

Finnovest will be part of an official delgation of the British govenment to the UK togehther with 15 most promissing Fintech startups in Israel.

TeXchange, created by the UK Israel Tech Hub in 2012, is a Tech Exchange programme that creates an ongoing flow of digital tech pioneers, companies, ideas and technology between the UK and Israel.

TeXchange enables platforms for collaboration between entrepreneurs and well established UK companies, giving British corporations a competitive advantage by bring first in line to discover Israeli technological innovation relevant to their business, and connecting Israeli start-ups to the UK's leading companies, markets, investors and service providers.

The highlight of the programme is a high-profile business delegation to the UK for up to 15 top Israeli start-ups. Over the course of a few days, the delegates will meet potential UK strategic partners, customers, investors and government officials.

TeXchange Fintech 2015 is proud to partner with Carmel Ventures, a top tier Israeli VC firm. Carmel Ventures is one of Israel's Fintech investment pioneers with strong links in the global ecosystem and extensive outreach to Israeli innovators

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